'Benchmarking is the process of comparing performance against the practices of other leading companies for the purpose of improving performance.’
ASSA generally conducts benchmark studies – including mini and informal studies – annually. Participation in benchmark studies is optional for ASSA members and carries an additional cost, which is dependent upon participant numbers. Participating members also have access to previous benchmark studies once a study is completed.
Benchmark studies are currently delivered by Ernst & Young, which has developed a benchmark program and methodology tailored to the specific needs of the Association. Ernst & Young has been delivering the ASSA benchmark studies since 2006.

Benchmark studies

Unfortunately due to lower than expected participants, the benchmark studies for 2013 (Accounts Receivable and Corporate/Purchase Card processing) has been cancelled for 2013.
Other benchmark studies are run as required. Examples of potential future studies include:
  1. Procurement and Supply Chain;
  2. Information and Communications Technology;
  3. Human Resources;
  4. Employee Services;
  5. Finance;
  6. Travel;
  7. Call Centre; and
  8. Records/Document/Knowledge Management.
For further information on current and scheduled benchmark studies and costs, please contact ASSA