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ASSA Site Visit Melbourne - 26th May
Please join us at this ASSA sponsored lunch, as Jemena Shared Services invites you to a site visit. Hear from the leaders their key challenges and opportunities including:
• Jemena structure and Shared Services journey;
• Balancing “Agile” work practises whilst maintaining governance ; and
• Leadership in an environment of change and flexibility

Upcoming Events for 2017

June 22 - Site Visit - DISITI
July 19 - Using Lean methodologies in Shared Services at Suncorp
August 24 - What is the right level of governance to manage risk but drive higher performance of Partners - UQ
Sep 21 - Site Visit - Super Retail Group
Oct 20 - Industry predictions for 2018 and beyond - PwC
Nov 17 - Suncorp Group SSC journey
Dec 7 - Xmas Drinks (Location TBC) 
ASSA Site Tours 2017
June 22 - Site Visit - DISITI
Sep 21 - Site Visit - Super Retail Group
May 26th - Jemena Shared Services
Event Updates
Healthy Work Places - ASSA Breakfast Melbourne 
Recently, we saw 20+ ASSA members attend a Melbourne breakfast at Michael Page on the topic of “Healthy Work Places – Healthy body, Healthy mind”

Guest speaker, Ricky Langford, Managing Director of The HBPGroup inspired attendees on how to lead a healthier, more active and productive life, through healthy eating, quality sleep and mental wellbeing.

Key insights from the presentation were;
  • We are the only creature on the planet that often refuses to drink the one thing that we are designed to drink - water. Dehydration is more and more common these days with people substituting other alternatives such as, energy drinks, caffeine and soft drinks that don’t provide the full hydration required, leading to fatigue and possible longer term health issues;
  • Sleep quality is key in overall general wellbeing. With some subtle changes to the way we sleep, by controlling the simulates we take (e.g. caffeine, nicotine and alcohol) and increasing our  sleep hygiene (e.g. having a sleep ritual – showering, reading before bed), can enhance the quality of sleep and mental functioning;
  • Mental wellbeing - Do you know what stresses you? How you react to different stressors? We are in world of consistent varying stress levels, that if unaddressed can lead to breakdowns in our mental and physical wellbeing, making it difficult for us to have mental clarity and to communicate clearly. Best practice is to log it in a diary or a stress log and learn from it, and where appropriate seek additional assistance through mental health practitioners
Ricky had the entire room captivated through his insights into leading a healthier life that is easy and effective, through simple practices that provide huge returns for individuals as well as the workplace.
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2014 shared services and outsourcing outlook Part I: It’s time for enterprises to stop being really good at irrelevant stuff - See more at:
2014 shared services and outsourcing outlook Part I: It’s time for enterprises to stop being really good at irrelevant stuff - See more at: